Digital Water Report

“Digital water is already here” is the clear message after interviewing utility executives and leading experts from around the globe. From big data solutions to advanced management of the distribution network to digital customer engagement programs, nearly all utilities we talked to have begun the digital transformation journey.  

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The Digitization of Water

The same forces that unleashed the Industrial Internet are now leading the digitization of the global water business and public sector ecosystem. The lessons learned from the digitization of other sectors such as heavy industry, manufacturing, power media, retail, communications, healthcare, and education are now being successfully applied to water infrastructure and commercial projects. 

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What is Water Utility in a Digital World?

How digital technology can be the fundamental agent of change in the modernization of glacial water infrastructure. 

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The Case for Green Energy in Latin America and The Caribbean (LAC)

This paper summarizes the discussions, findings, and conclusions reached during the 2018 Stockholm World Water Week sessions, and provides recommendations on strategies that will help LAC advance green infrastructure in pursuit of meeting SDG6 targets by 2030. 

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Sustainable and Resilient Water and Energy Futures

A safe, secure and affordable water future - for life, health, economy - are foundational outcomes from a new form of ethics for water stewardship and energy management. 


Harnessing the Fourth Industrial Revolution for Water

As the Fourth Industrial Revolution gathers pace, innovations are becoming faster, more efficient and more widely accessible than before.


Technology is becoming increasingly connected, and we are now seeing a convergence of the digital, physical, and biological realms. 

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A Call to Cities: Run Out of Water or Create Resiliance and Abundance

New management choices, with new approaches to urbanization and integrated water-energy-food management, are emerging as critical to combat water stress. Urban strategies and tactics are explored in this chapter with a focus on scaling effective solutions and approaches.