"While we are changing HOW we do business together, 

Wicked Water Problems have NOT changed."

Will Sarni, Water Innovator



The Foundry strategy is straightforward; to bring together the global community of stakeholders to solve “wicked problem” of water. We will mobilize entrepreneurs, investors, non-governmental organizations, the public sector, businesses, solution providers, academics and civil society to solve water quantity, water quality and access to sanitation and hygiene challenges. 


We are also committed to engaging with stakeholders from outside the water sector to bring new skills, capabilities and experience to accelerate the identification and scaling of 21st century innovation in; technology, financing and funding, business models and partnerships.


We have a bias for action and will contribute to solving water to ensure economic development, business growth, social well being and ecosystem health.


Democratization of equitable and resilient access to water, sanitation and hygiene are core to our values and mission.


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Join us in solving water.